“Imagine the power of contacting a potential seller
before they list their property…”


Until recently, big data and Artificial Intelligence were reserved for wealthy Fortune 500 companies to make data-driven decisions. But as technology has expanded and become readily available to the masses, we’re seeing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence being applied to all sorts of exciting fields.

What field are we most excited about? Ai for real estate.

Elite real estate lead generation software like Leadflow leverages Ai to make data-driven market decisions. This means no more trying to predict future market trends or making emotionally-driven decisions. It means letting the data determine the best investment properties, and the most opportune times for buying and selling.



Real Estate Ai Predicts Properties & Sellibility


Traditionally, big real estate firms were the gatekeepers  of all the best insights. They had insider tips and predictive analytics that dwarfed anything a small real estate firm could compete with. They always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, on the right deal.

But what if I told you that the only difference between you and these firms is data?


Leveraging Ai in the real estate industry enables you to:

  1. Find the most profitable investment properties before anyone else
  2. Determine how likely those properties are to sell


Market data always tells a story, and leveraging the power of Ai in real estate tech enables you to analyze billions of data points to find the best investment properties, and when those properties are most likely to sell.




How Real Estate Ai Finds Investment Properties & Determines Likelihood to Sell


Traditional Strategies For Finding Investment Properties

Traditionally, finding investment properties required lots of resources and people. 


This is why the big firms always scooped up the best properties first. Because finding properties required driving around, understanding a specific real estate market, digging into government documents, gauging the likelihood of potential buyers, and so much more heavy lifting.


"Ai in real estate disrupts this traditional balance of power and places it in the hands of everyone. "


How Real Estate Ai Identifies The Best Investment Properties

By leveraging the application of Ai, real estate Ai software like Leadflow can analyze and categorize billions of data points taken from sources that are traditionally resource-intensive to action such as:


1. Tax Assessor Data

Tax assessor data includes property square feet, lot size, build year, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

2. Deed & Mortgage Data

Looks at both the current and historical deed and mortgage information of a property.

3. Legal Records

Assesses any property lien or foreclosure information that can be very difficult to identify.


Automated Valuation Modeling

Ai algorithms process all of this information and data to give you the very best insight into potential properties. At Leadflow, we call this, “Automated Valuation Modeling,” which is a technical way of saying, “we looked at every data point of every property in this area, and based on the data, this is the value of your property.”




How Real Estate Ai Determines Property Sale Likelihood


Whittling down an area’s entire real estate market to the best potential investment properties is, believe it or not, only half the battle. After all, you can find the best properties on the market, but if the owner isn’t willing to sell,  then you’ve put in a lot of time, effort, and money for no return.


And this is where Ai in the real estate industry really shines.


Artificial intelligence Ai processes demographic and socioeconomic data points to determine which properties are most likely to sell in the next 90 days. At Leadflow, we discovered that there is a very specific footprint that follows someone prior to listing their home for sale.


Our goal was to utilize Ai in real estate to process those breadcrumbs and provide real estate professionals with a database of people who have yet to list their homes for sale. Imagine the power of contacting a potential seller before they even list their property. That’s the power of Ai.




The “Sellability” Score

Leadflow takes complex data and breaks it down into an easy-to-read “Sellability Score” that indicates which property owners are most likely to sell. The scores range from 0 - 1,000, with a score of 1,000 indicating the highest propensity to sell in the next 90 days.


The Ai-generated Sellability Scores cover three different fields of real estate investing including:

  • Retail - Ideal for real estate agents, brokers, and investors with agent partnerships. Indicates the property’s propensity to sell for any reason, in the next 90 days.

  • Rental - Ideal for landlords and investors looking to add more properties to a rental portfolio. Indicates the property’s propensity to be sold and used as a rental property. We like to call this our Investor Score or Networking score because many of the connections made with these leads are other investors looking to make deals.

  • Wholesale - Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors looking to purchase properties at a discount. Indicates a property’s propensity to sell at a discount. We consider a discount to be any property that would be open to selling for 20% less than the listing price. 

We found that the higher the Sellability Score assigned to a property by Leadflow’s Ai algorithm, the higher the propensity that the property would sell. 

The results are huge; check them out below.

  • Properties that scored over 500: 1.5x more likely to be willing to sell
  • Properties that scored over 600: 3.6x more likely to be willing to sell
  • Properties that scored over 700: 5.5x more likely to be willing to sell 
  • Properties that scored over 800: 9.3x more likely to be willing to sell
  • Properties that scored over 900: 10.2x more likely to be willing to sell
  • Properties that scored 1000: 15.3x more likely to be willing to sell



The real estate market is complex, but Ai in real estate is here and it’s changing the way that real estate professionals of all levels are buying and selling properties. Those who use it are setting themselves up for tremendous success now and in the future. 


If you’re a real estate investor looking to level up your investment capabilities, get your FREE trial of Leadflow by clicking below.