5 Strategies To Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads


Commercial real estate is the big league for real estate investors. The deals are bigger and the payoffs are better, but the risk is also higher and the time and effort that goes into these deals is much… much more extensive than residential real estate deals. 

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Commercial real estate lead generation is one of the biggest reasons that commercial real estate is more time and resource-intensive than residential real estate. While commercial real estate lead generator software is the undisputed best way to maximize your return on time finding these leads, we’re going to look at how to generate commercial real estate leads using this method, along with 4 other tried and true strategies for finding commercial real estate leads.


Commercial Real Estate Leads Generation Method #1: Use Commercial Real Estate Investing Software

real estate investor using software to automatically generate commercial real estate leads

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Commercial Real Estate Leads Generation Method #2: Buy Leads

One of the easiest ways to get leads is to just look for commercial real estate leads for sale online. Google the phrase “buy commercial real estate leads.” There are plenty of platforms out there that will give you ready-to-go lead lists that include up-to-date contact information and more. 

But while this may be one of the easiest methods to generate leads, it has its limitations…

Downsides To Buying Commercial Real Estate Leads

1. Buying Leads Is Not Scalable

Most services that sell commercial real estate leads offer one-time purchase packages. That works well…until you’ve run through all of those leads. 

This service is also only really useful if applied to a small, hyper-targeted geographic location. You can’t really “mix & match” target cities, which means you’re often locked into specific cities/metropolitan areas. This is ok if you are 100% certain that you’re only focusing on a single geographic area, but it prohibits you from discovering opportunities and expanding your real estate business to new markets.

You need lead generation capabilities that scale with your business.

2. Buying Leads Produces A Variance In Quality

Don’t get me wrong, some services will provide high-quality, motivated prospective clients…most of the time. But sometimes, you’d have a higher success rate with cold calling than with using these services. 

Some services will simply scrape a list of commercial property owners’ contact information and send you that list, regardless of the property owners’ selling intentions.

You need the ability to generate high-quality commercial real estate leads consistently.

3. Buying Leads Doesn’t Uncover Hidden Opportunities

When you buy commercial real estate leads, you’re getting the same leads as everyone else. This makes it nearly impossible to be the first person to reach out to the property owner.

You need to be able to generate leads for both on-market and off-market properties.


Commercial Real Estate Leads Generation Method #3: Build A Website


Real estate investor smiling while building a website designed to generate commercial real estate leads

Residential and commercial real estate agents alike understand the power of having a web presence. It adds an automatic layer of legitimacy to anything they do, and it puts them far and away above the competitors who don’t have a presence online. 

Lucky for you, it’s never been easier. There are services that specialize in helping investors establish their web presence in under a day by making real estate investor website templates available for investors like you to choose from. You’ll find yourself with an engaging, professional website before you know it. This is especially effective if you’re an investor focused on a specific small to mid-sized US market. By applying some basic SEO techniques to your high-quality landing pages, you’re likely to pop up in the top 10 results of Google, which will dramatically increase your long-term site traffic and pool of potential clients.


Commercial Real Estate Leads Generation Method #4: Run PPC+Social Ads

Running pay-per-click ads on Google and social media allows you to deliver hyper-targeted messaging to prospective leads. This is a tried and true method that commercial real estate agents use at the country’s biggest firms. The beautiful thing is it’s not rocket science; anybody can do it.

After educating yourself on pay-per-click ad fundamentals, landing page optimization, and audience targeting, it’s time to get to work and collect those leads!

Pro Tip: To see what kinds of ads other commercial real estate investors are running on Facebook and Instagram…

1. Identify other commercial real estate investors with a Facebook page. 
2. Go to their Facebook page and on the left-hand side, find the section, “Page Transparency.”

Step 1 to viewing copies of your competitor's PPC ads using Facebook


3. Click “See All” and then scroll down to “Go To Ad Library”

Step 2 to viewing copies of your competitor's PPC ads using Facebook


Here you can see the actual ads that other commercial real estate investors are running, and it’ll serve as a great jumping-off point in terms of what kind of ads you should create.


Commercial Real Estate Leads Generation Method #5: Be The Community Catalyst

Group of young real estate investors networking

We so often underestimate the power of in-person networking. It’s who you know. A completely free way to generate potential leads would be to start a community group (online or in-person) that connects other investors and community members. 

Community-building is a long-term, high-yield investment of time. It’s also the only option where you get to meet new friends, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Community-Building Options For Commercial Real Estate Investing

1. Create or join a real estate investors Meetup
2. Join a real estate Facebook group
3. Find an established group of investors to join


It’s About More Than Leads

Investing is an art. Even if you find out how to generate commercial real estate leads easily, that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to real estate investing. 

Learning how to nurture leads, close deals, and even predict the future of a real estate market takes practice, experience, and work. 

Leadflow is packed with investor education, deal management tools, and off-market lead generation capabilities - all at your fingertips. 

Right now, Leadflow is offering a free 7-day trial where you can dig into Leadflow’s marketing materials and tools, educational breakdowns, and so much more that will help you become an expert in commercial real estate investing. Get started today!

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