New Updates to Leadpipes

Our Realeflow and Leadflow users might have seen some exciting new updates to Leadpipes recently! 

In our ongoing commitment to our customers' success, we’re continuously updating our software to make it easier for real estate professionals of all levels to build and grow their businesses.

Updates to Our AI Real Estate Lead Generation Tools

Leadpipes Ai

  • New Sellability Score-based map overlays display heatmaps of Retail, Rental, and Wholesale scores, giving you an easy bird's-eye view of the properties in your search area. 

Leadpipes Premium

  • You'll see a newly redesigned Map Legend along the bottom edge of the map when viewing parcel data overlays with the legend enabled.

Leadpipes Ai Score Heat Maps

Leadpipes Ai Score Heat Maps

Leadpipes Map Legend
Leadpipes Map Legend

General Leadpipes Updates

  • Boundary Outline of search locations
    You now have a visual view of the exact area your search includes with boundary outlines 
  • Individual Property Markers
    The map will now default to showing individual property markers instead of clusters. Clusters are still optional if you prefer that view.
  • Map Markers Preview Property Details
    Clicking a map marker will open a popup on the map, with a preview of the property details and a link to the full detail page. This will give you immediate access to the property data you need.
  • Search Results Link to Map
    Clicking a search result to the right of the map will highlight the associated map marker and open the popup on the map, linking the data with the visual map information.

Leadpipes Search Boundary Outline 2

Leadpipes Search Boundary Outline

Leadpipes Property Marker Pins

Leadpipes Property Marker Pins

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