Supercharge Your Motivated Seller Leads Count With List Stacking



What if your real estate investing superpower was getting inside the minds of property owners to see if they want to sell? 

You would be unstoppable

Not only that, but you would be able to help people who are already looking to sell, such as “motivated seller leads,” unload their property quickly.

In other words, a win-win real estate investment.

Now, what if I told you there are telltale signs that people are motivated to sell quickly, and by identifying these signs early, you can find leads and deals before the competition? Ai-powered real estate lead generation software is next-generation technology that enables real estate investors to identify motivated sellers before they even put their property on the market. Software like this is loaded with tools to help identify which sellers you should be focusing on.

From a real estate investor’s perspective, there’s one surefire tool for finding motivated seller leads.

List stacking.

Below we dive deep into exactly what a motivated seller is, what list stacking is, and how it can explode your total list of motivated seller leads.




What Are Motivated Home Seller Leads?

Motivated home seller leads are homeowners that, for whatever reason, are looking to sell their homes fast. 

Motivated home sellers are particularly hot leads for real estate investors, because not only do these leads want to sell, but they may be willing to accept a lower price in exchange for a faster sale. 


Different Types Of Motivated Sellers

Motivation to sell often comes down to what kind of motivated seller they are. Here are the four most common forms of motivated home sellers who are more likely to sell fast - which is exactly why real estate investors should pay close attention to them.


1. Absentee Owners

Absentee owners are property owners who don’t live at the property that you’re looking at. This property could be an old investment, a vacation home, or both. Either way, absentee owners are great potential property sellers because they may not like all the hassle associated with owning a property that they don’t live in. 


2. Inherited & Probate Sellers

An inherited property has been passed down, while a probate property is not included in the will of the recently deceased owner, and is now in the legal process of being transferred to its new and rightful owner.

Both of these types of properties represent serious investment opportunities. Why? Because sellers for these property types can be extremely motivated seller leads.

The legal and financial hassle of dealing with an inherited or probate property is one thing that many people simply do not want to deal with. And to boot, with property taxes, people may not even be able to afford to hold onto the property. What does this mean for you? 

A win-win investment opportunity.

This lead type often represents a win-win for both sellers and investors. The owners of the inherited or probate property can easily sell their home while you scoop up an investment property before it hits the market. 


3. High Equity Sellers

Searching for high-equity sellers is one of the most effective ways to find motivated sellers. 


Because high equity sellers already own most of their home, meaning they have paid off most of the loan against the home. This means they’ve likely lived in it for a long period of time and may be more likely to sell. They may be ready to downsize or change location and a quick, easy sale may be more appealing than a long, drawn-out one. 


4. Distressed Seller Leads

Distressed sellers are often the most motivated home seller leads for multiple reasons. Just like inherited/probate sellers, finding these sellers is often a win-win. Many of these leads need cash quickly, which means they’re more open to a lower offer as long as it's a cash offer. This means a quick sale, cash in their pockets, a resolution to their problem, and a great deal for you.




So what are some different types of distressed seller leads?

1. Tax Delinquent

This is where property owners have become delinquent in paying their property taxes. In rare instances, this can be a vacant owner who simply forgot to pay. But more than likely, it’s someone who can no longer afford to pay the taxes on the property and may be looking to sell the property quickly. 


2. Late On Mortgage Payments

Just like tax delinquency, being late on mortgage payments could indicate a property owner who can no longer afford to make the mortgage payments and is likely a highly motivated seller.


3. Pre-Foreclosure Homes

One of the best ways to find motivated sellers is to look for homes that are in pre-foreclosure. This is a clear-cut indicator of someone who cannot afford their property and will likely be very receptive to cash offers.


4. Vacant Properties

Oftentimes, motivated seller leads own vacant properties that they no longer want to maintain or pay taxes on, but simply haven’t been bothered to put the property on the market yet. Identifying these leads and reaching out with a quick phone call can go a long way toward securing a profitable off-market real estate deal.


5. Upside Down Leads

This is a distressed seller lead whose property value has gone down since purchasing, and they now owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. If you can solve this problem for them, they will most likely be very open to what you have to offer. 




How To Get Motivated Seller Leads With List Stacking

Now you know what motivated seller leads are, but there are always sellers who are more motivated than others. So how do you find the very best motivated seller leads from your list of motivated sellers?


Stack 👏 Those 👏 Lists 👏


Think of all your potential motivated sellers. Each falls into at least one list. One lead has inherited a property, another lead is late on their property taxes. But what about the leads that are late on taxes for their inherited property? Or what about those absentee owners whose property is vacant? Or those who have a vacant property that’s in pre-foreclosure? 


This is where the real gold is. These types of highly motivated seller leads offer the highest return on investment in terms of your time because multiple pressure points are pushing them to sell.


List stacking is the art of building lists of highly motivated home seller leads and then seeing which leads belong to multiple lists.

The ability to identify motivated sellers that belong to multiple “motivated seller” lists is like a real estate investing superpower… and Leadflow puts that power in the palm of your hand.


List Stacking With Leadflow

Leadflow is next-generation real estate lead generation software. It helps investors large and small supercharge their list of motivated seller leads through the use of Ai to automatically uncover leads that fit the profile of a motivated seller. 

And then? It goes even further by identifying which of those leads display more than one telltale sign of a motivated seller.

Leadflow does with the click of a button what used to take months to accomplish. We’re leveraging Ai to democratize real estate investing - and we’re just getting started.




Why buy motivated seller leads, which is usually a finite list, when you can generate unlimited motivated home seller leads using Leadflow?