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How To Hire Filipino Real Estate Virtual Assistants For Cold Calling


As a real estate investor, you’re constantly on the lookout for new, motivated seller leads to add to your pipeline. One tried-and-true method for finding these leads is cold calling, but let's be honest - cold calling can be a tedious and time-consuming task. 


We’re here to help you fix that. 

This post dives into leveraging virtual assistants from a service like REVA Global, who have VAs based in The Philippines, help you streamline your cold calling efforts and free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.



Cold Calling Shouldn’t Be Ice Cold

In the real estate investing world, cold calling doesn’t have to involve picking up the phone and dialing blindly. Savvy investors will use real estate lead generation software to find motivated seller leads, so that their “cold calls” are more of “luke-warm calls”. 


This means your real estate virtual assistant cold calling strategy is more targeted, and they’re not shotgunning out thousands of calls to people completely uninterested in selling. Rather, they maximize their ROI on time invested by cold calling leads that display telltale signs of being motivated sellers, and who will automatically be more receptive to an offer.



Why Real Estate Investors Should Still Be Cold Calling


Yes, real estate investors should still be cold calling.


There are few reasons why it’s still an essential part of a real estate investor's marketing strategy:


  1. Cold calling real estate leads allows you to reach a large number of potential leads in a short amount of time. 

  2. It allows you to qualify leads at a higher velocity. A couple key questions helps quickly determine whether that leads will be a motivated seller lead or not. 

  3. It allows you to build relationships with potential future sellers. Even if a lead is not ready to sell their property, putting in the work to establish can go a long way in creating future opportunities.

  4. It can be a cost-effective way to find leads (if done right). By hiring Filipino real estate virtual assistants for cold calling, you can keep lead gen prices low.



The Hidden Opportunity In Cold Calling 


According to a study by InsideSales, the likelihood of making contact with a lead increases by 100 times if you call within 5 minutes of receiving their information, compared to 30 minutes later.


  • Conversion rates are 8x higher if called within 5 minutes of submitting their information.

  • 57% of cold callers wait 1 week before reaching out to potential motivated sellers


This means real estate investors who correctly leverage real estate virtual assistant cold calling, and emphasize velocity of call after lead submission can dramatically increase conversions.


Research by ZoomInfo found that it usually takes around 8 calls to establish contact with a lead. 

This means investors that utilize a CRM for real estate lead management can make sure each lead is targeted at least 8 times, or until contact has been established.



How Filipino Real Estate Virtual Assistants Help With Cold Calling


Filipino virtual real estate assistants


Real Estate Virtual Assistants Save Time

With a virtual handling your cold calling, you free up time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as analyzing deals, networking with other investors or closing deals.


Real Estate Virtual Assistants Save Costs

Due to cost of living differences, virtual assistants from The Philippines generally charge lower rates than those in the United States. This helps to dramatically reduce bottom line expenses. 


How Much Do Filipino Virtual Real Estate Assistants Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $6 - $12/hour for a full-time real estate virtual assistant. If we assume these VAs call ~25 prospects per hour, that’s 200 calls per day!


Real Estate Virtual Assistants Are Highly Professional 

Virtual assistants from The Philippines are well-known for their excellent English language skills, which is one of the Philippines 2 official languages.

As someone who has worked with virtual assistants from the Philippines before, I was blown away by the level of English my virtual assistant displayed.



Tips for Success With Filipino Real Estate Virtual Assistants


1. Set Clear Goals

How many calls should they make a day? What’s the ideal outcome of these calls? When you hire a virtual assistant for cold calling, you’re essentially managing an employee, so you have to think like an employer. Give your virtual assistant clearly defined outcomes so they can succeed.


2. Provide Training & Resources

Help you virtual assistants help you. This means properly training them (maybe this means they listen in on cold calls you yourself make) and providing them with several scripts to try out.

Employers know that nobody can jump in on Day 1 and flourish - they need time and training, and that’s something you can provide.


3. Create Communication Lines

Make sure to establish clear lines of communication with your virtual assistant, such as setting specific times for check-ins or providing them with a way to contact you in case of any questions or concerns.


4. Monitor Performance

How’s your real estate virtual assistant doing at cold calling? Are they struggling? Are they generating leads? What can you do to help make them better?



Cold calling is an essential part of a real estate investor's marketing strategy. By leveraging real estate virtual assistants from The Philippines, you can streamline this task and free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. 


With clear communication, training, and performance review, real estate virtual assistants cold calling leads can help you grow your real estate investing business.


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