How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning To Invest Better


In any industry, Ai is about data. It’s about pulling the most data, and the highest-quality data. 


Ai in real estate investing is your unfair advantage. 


It’s revolutionizing the real estate sector in a variety of ways, making it more efficient, easy, and profitable for investors just like you. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in real estate investment is transforming the way real estate is bought, sold, and managed, from establishing sellability scores to uncovering the best deals before they ever even hit the market. 


It also makes the process of investing less error-prone, as it provides a sort of “double-check” for investors to make sure they’re adhering to the fundamentals of real estate investing when they select and invest in various properties and markets.



Ai Makes Helps You Find More Profitable Investments


Leadflow’s Sellability score, also known as a property sellability index, is a numerical value that predicts the likelihood and price of a property's sale. Ai algorithms develop this score that assesses multiple data points such as the property's condition, location, demographic information for the surrounding area, and prior sales data. 


The score is a great tool for real estate investors since it pulls in billions of data points full of essential information that helps them make informed decisions about purchasing or selling a property.


Along with using Sellability scores to find investment opportunities, Sellability scores can also provide important insight into a property's profitability potential for an investor. For example, if an investor wants to flip a home rapidly for a profit, a high sellability score indicates that the property will sell quickly and at a high price. 


A poor sellability score, on the other hand, indicates that the property may take longer to sell and will ultimately deliver less return on investment.


How Is A Sellibility Score Calculated? 

The score is calculated by taking into account a variety of factors, such as;


  • Target property's overall condition

  • Target property’s location

  • Demographic information of the target property’s area

  • Target property’s area growth over previous years


For example, a property that is in good condition, located in a desirable area and has a high population density would likely have a higher sellability score than a property that is in poor condition, located in a less desirable area and has a low population density.


The algorithm also considers previous sales data, such as the average sale price of comparable properties in the region and how long it took for them to sell. This information can assist investors in determining whether a property is overpriced or underpriced, allowing them to make more educated decisions about buying or selling the property.


Ai Helps Identify Potential Market Fits For Properties

Leadflow's Sellability score can assist investors in locating homes that may be appealing rental assets, as well as providing insight into a property's profitability potential. A high Sellability score indicates that the property is likely to be in high demand, resulting in a high occupancy rate and a constant stream of rental revenue for the investor.





Ai In Real Estate Helps Identify More Investment Opportunities

Artificial intelligence is transforming the real estate investing sector by making it easier for investors to identify a higher quantity of profitable investments. Ai algorithms can predict places that are expected to see an influx of purchasers or tenants by evaluating massive volumes of data, such as past sales, economic patterns, and demographic information. 


This data can assist investors in making informed judgments about where to invest their money, allowing them to profit from emerging markets.

We can’t understate how powerful this technology is.


Before Ai, real estate investors had to be intimately familiar with a location or, alternatively, had to manually put in hundreds or thousands of hours to compile local and regional population, demographic and sales data. 

Now? Artificial intelligence is able to do this same work with the click of a button.


Ai Parses Real Estate Investment Data In Real Time

One of the most significant advantages of AI in real estate investing is its capacity to swiftly and effectively analyze massive amounts of data. This enables investors to spot patterns and trends that might otherwise be impossible to spot manually. 


Ai systems can, for example, evaluate data on previous sales, economic trends, and demographic information to identify regions likely to experience an influx of buyers or renters in the coming ten years.



Artificial Intelligence Helps Investors Move Fast

Another way Ai is helping investors to identify profitable investments is through real-time data and notifications. An Ai-powered platform like Leadflow can monitor the real estate market and notify investors when properties that meet their target criteria become available. 


This is how Ai increases your deal velocity.



Other Ways Ai In Real Estate Investment Is Changing The Game


Identifying Undervalued Properties

Ai is also assisting investors in locating discounted properties. AI algorithms can identify whether a property is overpriced or underpriced by examining data from previous sales. This enables investors to make educated judgments about buying or selling a home.



Predict Future Property Performance

Furthermore, Ai algorithms can be utilized to forecast a property's future performance based on historical data. It can, for example, estimate a rental property's occupancy rate or cash flow, allowing investors to make more accurate projections about their return on investment.




Ai Connects Buyers & Sellers

In the real estate investing market, artificial intelligence is being utilized more and more to connect real estate buyers and sellers. By removing the need to wade through enormous amounts of useless information, Ai saves investors a significant amount of time and helps them close deals faster.


Ai Empowers Real Estate Investors With Predictive Analytics 

Predictive analytics is another way Ai is being used to revolutionize the real estate investing market. Algorithms take into account vast stores of data from previous real estate transactions in order to uncover trends and patterns that may be useful to forecast future market conditions. This data can then be used to assist buyers and sellers in making more educated decisions about when to buy or sell properties.


Ai Automates Property Analysis

Additionally, Ai can help in automating the complex task of analyzing property data and identifying the best investment opportunities. This can help investors make better investment decisions, which can lead to higher returns on their investment.



Ai & Property Management

Furthermore, Ai and machine learning in real estate can assist by automating the complicated task of assessing property data and determining the highest ROI investment prospects. This empowers investors to make better investing decisions and close bigger deals.



Ai Improves Property Marketing

AI is also changing the way real estate is marketed. Ai-powered solutions can be used to identify and target certain demographics, allowing investors to promote their homes more successfully. AI-powered algorithms, for example, can be used to identify social media users who are likely to be interested in a specific property and target them with advertising. This can assist investors in reaching a larger audience and increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.

The Limitations To Ai In Real Estate Investing


It’s crucial to point out that Ai is still, at the end of the day, a computer that takes data inputs to determine investment decisions. It can only work with the data that it is given, and that data must be accurate, unbiased, and dependable. A skewed data set may result in erroneous projections, causing investors to make poor investment decisions.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the real estate sector by making it more efficient, easy, and profitable for investors. It’s revolutionizing every single aspect of real estate investing - and it’s the same technology that’s built into the heart of Leadflow.

With Sellability scores, industry-first lead generation software, Ai-powered deal identification, a full marketing suite and more - Leadflow is the cutting edge tool you need to level up your real estate investing game. Grab your free 7-day trial below and take it for a test drive!