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The secrets to generating quality real estate leads in any market.

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Leadflow teamed up with four industry leading experts to teach you the fundamental building blocks of starting your own Real Estate Investing business in this 5 module course.

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Learn to use direct mail to convert leads into deals.
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Turn Facebook into a non-stop lead generation tool.
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How to get your real estate website to rank high on google.
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Generate higher profit deals by learn to identify your sweet spot.

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How to win sellers over on the first call every time.
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Role-play practice guide for talking to sellers.

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Avoid money pits and protect your profits.

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Our free Leadflow Analyze mobile app allows you to find and analyze real estate deals faster and easier than ever.
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Discover the secret to making smart offers and when to walk away from a deal.
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Plug in your numbers to easily uncover your max allowable offer.
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Accurately comp potential investment properties without a real estate agent or access to the MLS.

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Identify your network of Private Lenders to fund your real estate deals.
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Step-by-step guide for securing funding from Private Lenders
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Legitimize your business to lenders with this packet of personal marketing materials.

// Property Rehab

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How to find, hire and manage great contractors who will get the job done for the right price.

// Investing Strategies

From Surviving to Thriving
Tim Bratz and Lee Kearny sit down to discuss how to strategically build your portfolio.
Buy & Hold vs Buy and Sell
To fix and flip or buy and hold? We explore the pros and cons of each strategy.
The New Way to Wholesale
Raphael Vargas started with a bank account in the negative before strategically building a 7-figure wholesaling business.
Building Legacy Wealth
Tim Bratz talks about building wealth one house at a time, and his vision on building wealth through commercial real estate rentals.
Real Estate Agent vs Investor
What's better, being an Agent or Investor? Rob “The House Guy” sits down with two real estate professionals, commonly thought of as being on opposite sides of the fence.

// Lead Generation

Network to Net Worth
Is networking on your list for 2023? What about setting up a referral strategy? If so, this episode is your can't-miss.
Motivated Seller Leads THAT WORK
Two lead experts reveal the exact steps behind how they create a Lead Cultivation and Nourishment system.
Getting Started In Real Estate Investing!
Rob "The House Guy" sits down with two newbie Investors to discuss the common pitfalls that rookies should steer clear of.
Using Direct Mail To Grow Your Business
Rob has a conversation with two real estate powerhouses, discussing their use of direct mail to expand their enterprises.

// Pre-Qualifying Leads

The Fortune is in the Follow Up
Joanna shares her tried and true tips and tricks for maintaining a high volume of great deals.

// Business

When Is It Time To Lawyer Up?
Veteran Real Estate Attorney Jeff Watson talks about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of real estate investing (from a legal perspective).
Wholesaling Properties The Legal Way (Part 1)
Why most of the tactics that the “gurus” are teaching are flat out wrong (and illegal)
Wholesaling Properties The Legal Way (Part 2)
Wholesaling houses the legal way is probably not as hard as you think, but knowing how to do it the right way is imperative

// Funding

Owner Financing
What is owner financing and how exactly can you leverage it in real estate investing?
Building Wealth with your IRA
How you can be ready for the buying opportunities that will arise in the near future using your IRA

// Property Rehab

Investor vs Contractor
How to effectively work with Contractors as a Real Estate Investor.

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