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Save time and money by only focusing on leads with a high propensity to sell.


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Use Ai to Build Hyper Targeted Lists


Think of Leadpipes as your own private search engine for generating high-quality, motivated real estate leads.

Leadpipes provides nationwide access to 20 different lead types including over 150,000,000 properties and people-centric data like private lenders, renters, and bankruptcies.

A score for every real estate professional

Leadflow scores each property with 3 Sellability Scores ranging from 0 - 1,000:

  • Retail - Ideal for real estate agents, brokers, and investors with agent partnerships. Indicates the property’s propensity to sell in the next 90 days.
  • Rental - Ideal for landlords and investors looking to add more properties to a rental portfolio. Indicates the property’s propensity to be sold and used as a rental property.
  • Wholesale - Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors looking to purchase properties at a discount. Indicates a property’s propensity to sell at a discount.

Advanced Filters

Use multi-dimensional List Stacking to layer multiple real estate lead types and create endless custom “Superlists” of prospects that perfectly match your business goals.

Parcel Mapping is a powerful visual tool that gives users the ability to map out all of the high-profit real estate deals in an area, making it easier to pick & choose the ones you want.




Raymond S.

Sure Vida Homes LLC

“I am very optimistic about Ai; I think it will separate the professionals from the amateurs in the long run. ”

5 star rating

Vickie Z.

Heritage Real Estate Solutions

“Leadflow Ai allows my business to focus our marketing toward properties that will lead to results and the purchase of homes making the seller happy and our business profitable.”


Doug M.

Indigo Property Ventures

“The propensity to sell score helps us narrow down our search to specific criteria and remove less likely sellers, saving us time and money.”


Rich G.

Metro STL Homes, LLC

"With Leadflow Ai, I have been able to waste less time on property leads that are not very profitable, no matter what my end-game is: wholesaling, buying & holding, or rehabbing."



Keychain Capital Investments, LLC

“Using LeadflowAI definitely gives me an advantage as an investor and added insight into possible property leads which allows me to be more targeted and cost effective in my business.


John G.

North Star Properties

"These are unique people that I’ve not marketed to before and most importantly my competition isn’t marketing to them. I’m getting there first and I’m getting there repeatedly and I’m the only one in that space."



Engage the right leads at exactly the right time


Skip Tracing, the Direct Mail Engine and a full Marketing Library all work together to automatically deliver tested and proven marketing pieces to those who will be most receptive to your message.



Smarter Offers,
Bigger Profits


View comparable sales data on any property in the country. Easily compare active listings, tax information, and other critical property data to make informed decisions and smart offers.


“My Secret Weapon As A Real Estate Agent and Investor. The Most Powerful Deal Getting Tool On The Market..."

"I’ve been a real estate agent, investor, and rehabber for over a decade -- and I’ve tried everything when it comes to finding off-market sellers for listing and flips. Never have I come across something that works so easily to bring me profitable deals as Leadflow. With a few clicks, I get the most accurate seller info, super-accurate comps, and can even send marketing - all in one place."

- Jenna Hoover

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   Analyzing Deals


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  • Nationwide off-market property search with data from over 150,000,000 properties
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