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Introducing Sellability Scores

Leadflow scores each property with 3 Sellability Scores ranging from 0 - 1,000. The higher the score the higher the propensity to sell:

  • Retail - Ideal for real estate agents, brokers, and investors with agent partnerships. Indicates the property’s propensity to sell in the next 90 days.
  • Rental - Ideal for landlords and investors looking to add more properties to a rental portfolio. Indicates the property’s propensity to be sold and used as a rental property.
  • Wholesale - Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors looking to purchase properties at a discount. Indicates a property’s propensity to sell at a discount.

More engaged and
receptive leads

Using Leadflow’s Ai data is the definition of “work smarter, not harder.”

Our tests indicated a 271% increase in seller response rates when marketing to Ai scored leads versus marketing to a general list of leads.

Not only that, but when you filter leads based on Sellability Score, you can reserve your marketing for just those leads with the highest propensity to sell. Ai allows you to laser focus on only those leads who will be most receptive to your message and services.




Create your Lead...flow


Leverage the most comprehensive real estate data in the industry to find the best deals at the right time… before the competition.

As a business owner in today’s world, understanding the vital role of data in your growing business is imperative. With Leadflow's next generation real estate lead generation software, you'll get 150+ million on and off-market property records nationwide, plus the advanced seller data serving up prospects that are ready to act now.





  • Nationwide Property Data - Detailed property data for every single family home in the country is just a click away.
  • On and Off-Market Properties - Nationwide access to current on-market listings PLUS hidden off-market investment opportunities with huge potential.
  • Up to 20 Lead Types - Absentee Owners, Foreclosures, and High Equity are just a few of the powerful seller leads that Leadpipes can tap you into.
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm - Discover the properties with the highest propensity to sell in the next 90 days using Leadflow’s proprietary Leadpipes Ai Algorithm.
  • Comping Engine - Ensure smart investing decisions and offers with the highest profit potential when you pull on and off-market comparable data for all of your ideal investing opportunities.
  • Opt In Forms, Lead Downloads, Parcel Mapping, Automated Valuation Model (AVM), Lite CRM, and more!


Having a lot of leads is great.
Having quality leads is necessary.

The secret sauce?  In-Depth Data Analysis.

The most successful real estate investors, along with everyday real estate professionals, are skipping the lengthy (and more costly) data analysis in favor of Leadflow’s faster, more powerful, and extremely affordable filtering tools.

Narrow your search. Build hyper-targeted lists. All in just a few clicks.





  • Filtering - 40 filters create endless combinations to narrow your lists and hone in on exactly the types of leads your business needs.
  • List Stacking - Leadflow's next-gen real estate lead generation software lets you layer different lead types to create multi-dimensional searches and thousands of custom lead types resulting in highly targeted “Superlists.”
  • Ai Scores - Wholesale, Retail, and Rental Sellability Scores indicate a property’s propensity to sell in the next 90 days allowing you to generate leads on the right properties at exactly the right time, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.
Desktop view of real estate lead generation platform with property clusters on map


Leadflow provides you with everything you need to market to your “Superlist” of real estate leads.

Use Leadflow's marketing automation tools to convert your “Superlists” of leads into profitable deals by delivering the right marketing message at exactly the right time - all on autopilot.

Leadflow’s real estate marketing tools are designed to save you time and money by automatically delivering tested and proven marketing pieces to those who will be most receptive to your message.





  • Skip Tracing - Have your leads’ phone numbers in hand for as little as 10¢ a hit and just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Direct Mail - Automate single and multi-touch direct mail campaigns, choose from postcards and letters, including personally penned letters, that have been tested and proven to convert, all with NO minimums.
  • SMS - An automated mobile marketing platform that handles voice and text broadcasts, phone redirects, and voice mailboxes.
  • Marketing Library - A full library of tested and proven printable real estate marketing materials all designed to launch a marketing campaign that generates leads and builds brand awareness and recognition.
Screenshot of Leadflow's real estate lead generation marketing stack

Is Leadflow Right For You?

Every type of Real Estate Professional can leverage the power of Leadflow to accomplish tremendous business growth.

If you're looking to buy houses direct-from-seller, are an agent looking to add more listings to your growing business, or are an investor looking to add wholesale, fix and flip, or buy and hold properties to your portfolio - Leadflow is your unfair advantage.

Use our next generation real estate lead generation software to access the most powerful data and marketing systems to turn motivated sellers into profitable deals in a single push-button platform.

  • Landlords
  • Wholesalers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Airbnb/STR
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Flippers
  • Appraisers

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