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Welcome to the future of real estate —AI for real estate was introduced by Leadflow back in 2019, well ahead of the recent AI industry buzz.

Now in its 11th generation, our proprietary AI continues to evolve, growing smarter and more adept at navigating the complexities of the real estate market.

This advanced technology leverages massive datasets and sophisticated algorithms to deliver unmatched insights and predictive analytics.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)
+ 3 Sellability Scores

Together, with the top data scientists in the country, we’ve created a genetic AI algorithm that compiles over 136 billion data points, 40 years of real estate transactional data, and a variety of demographic and socioeconomic data sets to score every single-family home in America based on its propensity to sell.

Each lead is assigned 3 AI Sellability Scores ranging from 0 - 1,000. The higher the score, the higher the property's propensity to sell in the next 90 days.

  • Retail Score - Ideal for real estate agents, brokerages, and investors with agent partnerships
  • Rental Score - Ideal for landlords and investors looking to add more properties to a rental portfolio
  • Wholesale Score - Ideal for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors looking to purchase properties at a discount

More engaged and
receptive leads

Leadflow’s real estate tech & AI data is the definition of “work smarter, not harder.”

Our tests indicated a 271% increase in seller response rates when marketing to AI Scored leads versus marketing to a general list of leads. Not only that, but when you filter leads based on Sellability Score, you can reserve your marketing for just those leads with the highest propensity to sell, saving you both time and money.

Leadflow's real estate tech stack with AI allows you to laser focus on only those leads who will be most receptive to your message and services.


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Raymond S.

Sure Vida Homes LLC

“I am very optimistic about Ai; I think it will separate the professionals from the amateurs in the long run. ”

5 star rating

Vickie Z.

Heritage Real Estate Solutions

“Leadflow Ai allows my business to focus our marketing toward properties that will lead to results and the purchase of homes making the seller happy and our business profitable.”

5 star rating

Doug M.

Indigo Property Ventures

“The propensity to sell score helps us narrow down our search to specific criteria and remove less likely sellers, saving us time and money.”

5 star rating

Rich G.

Metro STL Homes, LLC

"With Leadflow Ai, I have been able to waste less time on property leads that are not very profitable, no matter what my end-game is: wholesaling, buying & holding, or rehabbing."

5 star rating


Keychain Capital Investments, LLC

“Using LeadflowAI definitely gives me an advantage as an investor and added insight into possible property leads which allows me to be more targeted and cost effective in my business.

5 star rating

John G.

North Star Properties

"These are unique people that I’ve not marketed to before and most importantly my competition isn’t marketing to them. I’m getting there first and I’m getting there repeatedly and I’m the only one in that space."

5 star rating

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