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"Our largest flip profit to date thanks to a direct mail campaign I launched using a list pulled from Leadflow.”

David Fornelli  |  Nopali Properties, LLC


You can't find a more comprehensive set of tools for everything you want to do in Real Estate!! Bar none!!

Ann Curley  |  Florida Homes Realty


"Finding property leads that match my criteria has never been simpler."

Rich Groves  |  Metro STL Homes


 "Leadflow made it easy for me to focus on a select number of high-value properties with the right message."

Robert Bailey  |  Rabbit Realty Solutions


Within minutes, I sent mailers using the Direct Mail system. Within a couple of weeks, I had a deal.

Rusty Rueckert  |  Pinal County House Buyer


"With Ai, I can filter to quality leads, which saves me a ton of time and money!"

Kay Raetong  |  Yosemite Property Development

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JoAnna Anderson

Remnant Real Estate  |     Charlotte, NC

In 2005, JoAnna was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was causing severe hypertension and kidney failure.

While teaching Biology full time, JoAnna made a year’s salary on her first real estate investing deal. Her future immediately opened up and the legacy that she could leave behind for her family began to take shape.

Once she started building something real, JoAnna knew that she needed to use tools that would make building and growing her business easier… tools that would save TIME… her most precious commodity.


“ Having a tool like Leadflow has really been invaluable to me… when you’re literally running out of time, having something that saves time, so not a minute of it is wasted, is like a Godsend.”




Raymond S.

Sure Vida Homes LLC

“I am very optimistic about Ai; I think it will separate the professionals from the amateurs in the long run. ”

5 star rating

Vickie Z.

Heritage Real Estate Solutions

“Leadflow Ai allows my business to focus our marketing toward properties that will lead to results and the purchase of homes making the seller happy and our business profitable.”

5 star rating

Doug M.

Indigo Property Ventures

“The propensity to sell score helps us narrow down our search to specific criteria and remove less likely sellers, saving us time and money.”

5 star rating
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Kim Green

H2 Home Solutions

"My first direct marketing campaign was easy to set up and the leads that came in were high-quality leads."

5 star rating


Keychain Capital Investments, LLC

“Using LeadflowAI definitely gives me an advantage as an investor and added insight into possible property leads which allows me to be more targeted and cost effective in my business.

5 star rating
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Ricardo Beecham

Quick Properties 4 U

"The fact that all of my properties are scored gives me a much clearer insight into which properties to focus on. Having this at my fingertips is so beneficial and a big game-changer!"

5 star rating

Jenna Hoover

Jenna Buys Houses  |     Connellsville, PA

Jenna started her real estate investing career as a single mom in search of a better life for her and her daughter.

She started off by making 6 offers and much to her surprise, all 6 were accepted. This is when most people quit. But Jenna is not most people.

She went forward with 5 of those first 6 deals and made over $165k in profits. And she was as new as they come.

Jenna has now been affiliated with 50+ renovation projects, owns 20 rentals and 1 Airbnb.


"I’ve been a real estate agent, investor, and rehabber for over a decade -- and I’ve tried everything when it comes to finding off-market sellers for listing and flips. Never have I come across something that works so easily to bring me profitable deals as Leadflow."




" Leadflow Ai is the most accurate of any tool I’ve used in my real estate redevelopment business for prospecting."

Michael H.  |  Keller Williams Realty

"I was able to find more leads and cover larger areas of interest in less time."

Truong P.  |  DTD Home Solutions

"Leadflow is an amazing tool to help me skim the market and leads for motivated off-market sellers."

Ryan B.  |  Shuffle Property Solutions LLC

"Leadflow’s Ai saves me a world of time (and advertising dollars) when looking for investment properties by accurately pinpointing the most motivated sellers in the areas where I prefer to do business."

Tim O.  |  Pipeline Homes LLC

"Leadflow has been instrumental in our ability to scale faster, further, and with less marketing dollars due to the hyper-targeted lead data."

Mary S.  |  Imperium Enterprise, LLC

"Real-time data to help make better decisions for my business."

Brian W.  |  HV Property Solutions LLC

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