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Unlock high-quality, motivated leads with Leadpipes, your personalized search engine for premier investment properties. Explore 150M+ properties, accessing 20 lead types and countless combinations - including private lenders, renters, and bankruptcies. Utilize cutting-edge commercial and residential data to stay ahead, and create powerful Superlists with List Stacking to find the perfect buyer, seller, or lender daily.



8 different types of investment property leads

Leadflow Market+ divides the Foreclosure Activity Leadpipe into Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures to provide more detailed foreclosure information.

* Probate Leads are available as in-app purchases in all Leadflow plans.

8 Leadflow Market Lead Types

  • Foreclosure Activity
  • Absentee Owner
  • Bankruptcies
  • Active Listing
  • Private Lenders
  • Cash Buyer
  • Renters
  • High Equity

20 Leadflow Market+ Lead Types (thousands of combinations)

  • Absentee Owner
  • Upside Down
  • Active Listing
  • Delinquent Tax Activity
  • Cash Buyer
  • Bored Investor
  • High Equity
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Pre-Foreclosures
  • Private Lenders
  • Long-Term Owner
  • Renters
  • Potentially Inherited
  • Free & Clear
  • Vacancy
  • Low Equity
  • Zombie Property
  • Active Investor Owned
  • Flipped

Comprehensive Real Estate Data For Every Property Record

  • Tax Assessor Data - Property square footage, lot size, year built, beds, baths, and over 100 more data points help you make more informed buying decisions.
  • Deed & Mortgage Data - Current and recorded deed and mortgage information.
  • Legal Records - Lis Pendens & NOD: Access property lien and foreclosure information throughout the entire legal foreclosure process.
  • Automated Valuation Modeling - Make smart buying and selling decisions using accurate value estimations with Leadflow’s built-in AVM.
  • Plus Parcel Data Mapping, Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, CRM, Commercial Leadpipes, and more!

Opt-In Forms

Leadflow provides multiple methods for leads to be deposited directly into your Leadflow account.

  • Seller Opt-in Form - Perfect for Bird Dogs or anyone you want to submit leads directly into your Leadflow account.
  • Opt-In Form - Allows you to capture opt-in information from 3rd party hosted websites.
  • Styled Widget - A customizable widget that you can use to capture leads from any of your websites.


Looking to download leads to use in additional ways outside of the Leadflow platform?

Leadflow Market+ allows users to download up to 15,000 leads per month.

*Downloads available after trial period


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